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A Good Change in Diet

Jul 07, 2011

A number of years ago my aunt started to have gastrointestinal complaints. She found out that by eliminating wheat and dairy from her diet that her body was much happier. When I went to a Chinese Medicine doctor in town for headaches and extreme fluctuations in mood and energy she tested my intolerances to food. She had me hold a vial of a substance and then she pushed on my upraised arm to see if I was weak or strong. If I was weak I should avoid it and if I was strong then I could have it. I could get my head around that kind of logic. The thing was, my body indicated a complete change of diet. I was eating fish, poultry and what I considered a healthy diet. She told me to eat Beef and Lamb and to cut out oranges, soy and wheat. I was still okay with fatty cheeses and red wine. Thank the goddess!

But I had not eaten RED meat for 20 years and I did not know if I could. I wasn't sure that I had the enzymes to digest the meat. I was sure that my grandpa had poisoned me years ago by grinding meat into a sauce and feeding it to me after I had declared myself a vegetarian. The awful results may have been due to the terrible cooking, not the meat itself. He just didn't believe me when I said that I was a veggie. Anyway, I was suddenly faced with this choice and I didn't know what to do with it. Disregard the suggestions of the practitioner? Listen to or ignore my body's messages?

I bought some Lamb and cooked it up and ate it and had no problems. In fact when I started to eat meat again I took to it quite easily after the initial queeziness. I don't eat a lot of red meat but I know when I need to find some.cattle_small.jpg I choose grass fed bison or beef from one of the local butchers, Piper's Meats on Bowen Road or Nesvogs at Terminal Park. 

Eliminating wheat has been just as dramatic a change for me. I find if I am really good at avoiding wheat for a while I can have a baguette or a wheat noodle but then I have to revert to my rye toast or rice noodles so that all can be content again. It is not only me that suffers the wilds of my indigestion but my fellow passengers, as well. I have found that Columbia Bakery on Bowen Road has lovely Rye Holsteiner bread which has 5% wheat and 95% rye that I can tolerate. Dharma Sheherazade at The Blue Jewel on Ross Road behind Country Club Mall makes a NoGrainer bread which rivals my favorite Quinoa loaf.


If your energy is low and then high or your guts are protesting powerfully to their sustenance then try a wheat free diet. It is well worth sourcing the rice noodles and visiting a real bakery once in a while.

In health,

Kim LeDuc


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