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Apr 12, 2012


Hunger Strike to Protest Enbridge Pipeline: Join Us, Please!

People care about their future. These people of the Northwest Coast know that their environment will feel the negative impact of Oil Pipelines and Supertankers. They are pleading with us to listen.

Garbage Warrior (Full Length documentary)  on youtube about a man who experiments with architecture using refuse and the ideas of sustainable building while governments try to shut him down and enforce the status quo. When it really counts people will adopt this kind of building but why wouldn't we adopt intelligent design before we are forced to use our intelligence?


Watch Michael Stone's video update on the Reactor fundraising campaign. We are almost there! Help us reach our goal here: Reactor.
 Michael gives a Reactor update at
"Thank you for your support allowing Ian Mackenzie and I to document the way people in Japan are responding creatively to the devastation at the nuclear reactor..."

Yoga Therapy for Neck and Shoulders from KaliYoga

A very clearly explained video from Nicola.




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Posted by Robert on
Is there a way to access these patdcasos/Todcasts away from youtube? My company blocks access to these videos through the embedded links on because they're from youtube, and I can't even get on Is there another access/download method or another web source I can try? Thanks.
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