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What are we here for?

Dec 12, 2013

Local Vancouver Island Fundraising Effort for the Philippines Relief  












Yoga for the Philippines - Cowichan

 What a wonderful few hours in community to share our healing hearts and our abundance with the Philippines:)

Our community raised a whopping $2308.85!!! 

And since it will be matched by the government, that equals $4617.70!!

Such Gratitude For Everyone that made this happen- the organizers, those that donated, those that helped in any way- and all of the participants    

WATCH: Maya Angelou's Poem For Nelson Mandela



More local fundraising is happening: Everyone Deserves a Smile is collecting in many different communities on Vancouver Island for people who are homeless this winter. Socks, Toques, Scarves, decorated cookies, as well as, toothbrushes and toothpaste are in a gift bag this season. Mon Petit Choux in Nanaimo is a drop off point and Yoga Weyr is collecting, as well.


A Deeper Materialism: Michael Stone at TEDxToronto

"What if we scrapped the whole idea of spirituality and we replaced it with a deeper love of the material? People say that we are materialistic, but I don't think that's true. We are not materialistic enough. Being materialistic means loving the material. It means loving our sidewalks, our lakes, our inventions... We need a deeper materialism."

The fifth annual TEDxToronto conference took place on September 26, 2013 at The Royal Conservatory of Music. Michael Stone spoke on "A Deeper Materialism."
Click to watch


Great article about how it might feel in a yoga class. Not all light and fuzzy!
" feels really good to finally, fully feel." 

What Nobody Tells You About Yoga. ~ Laura Stumpf


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