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Want to Kula?

Nov 17, 2012

Would you be interested in a Kula which looked into the financial and legal aspects of setting up a studio, be it in your own home or in a retail space? Please elaborate.


What about a Kula on non-violent communication or heart centered language? Again, please, expand your ideas on this subject if you are inclined to do so.


Please suggest subjects which you would find interesting for future Kula Gatherings.


Please comment on past and present gatherings. (aka Kim) has hosted Kula Gatherings in the Early spring and in the Fall. Do you have a suggestion as to when would be the best time to hold a gathering for yoga teachers to study together and renew ourselves?


Please consider offering your own expertise or current passion to the group. 

Contact Kim LeDuc  with these questions or comment on this blog.


Please add a comment

Posted by Sandy Dillabaugh on
At the November Kula our small group discussed ways to promote ourselves as teachers and ways to promote and run a studio that are in keeping with the ethics and principles of yoga. How is it possible to promote yourself and your yoga business and be true to the Yamas and Niyamas? We felt this would be a great topic for discussion at the one of the next Kulas.
Posted by admin on
Greetings! I was out of town Nov. 18th and was sorry to miss this Yoga Kula. No doubt, there were many beautiful spirits there, sharing inspiring ideas. I love this topic of how to promote yourself/your business and be true to Yamas and Niyamas. I do think that, as in life, the more we help eachother, the more we help ourselves. Hope to be at the next Kula and I look forward to this discussion. Happiness! Kathy
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