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This life - current affairs

Sep 02, 2013

Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability 

Click the title above and it will take you to the talk.

This TED Talk spoke to me about the very basis of our neurosis in our lives. What holds you and I stuck in our anger and fear but our lack of belief in the fact that we are all worthy? Are we willing to be the person who shows our emotions to that scary other? Are we open to hurt and able to welcome the inevitable pain of this incredible life? 

The gifts of Love and Joy are the rewards for not staying stuck.

BRING ON the broken heart and uncomfortableness, I want to feel alive!


Study Shows Why Kindness Makes Us Healthier

by Brenda Piquette | Touchy Subjects

We’ve known for a while that being loving and kind to others and to yourself is good for your physical health, and now a new study might help to explain why. The vagus nerve, that regulates how efficiently heart rate changes … Continue reading 


The Dark Side of Meditation

Neuroscientist Willoughby Britton and Yoga/Buddhist Teacher Michael Stone discuss the Dark Night Project and the dark side of meditation. Produced and directed by Sam Snidal (Alive & Well). Camera by Derek Barnes and James Morley. Edited by David Rendall. Click here to view on Vimeo.

Reactor - a film about the personal experience of Micheal Stone as he contemplates the destruction and fall out from the Nuclear Reactor which was destroyed by the earthquake and Tzunami in Japan 

Flash Mob YOGA on the bridge over the Swy-a-lona Lagoon at Maffeo Sutton Park in Nanaimo Saturday July 6th.


All ages and abilities, we welcome the opportunity to practice in the sun.


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