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Smaller Settings, Local Accessability

Jul 28, 2012

Alice Phang has made great use of her basement. She has just opened her new home based yoga studio to students this summer. After the Friday Vinyasa Flow class I asked her why she decided to work out of her home:


‘There are not many residential yoga studios in Nanaimo.  Looking at the basement, which was idle, I said to myself, 'one day I would want to turn this place into a yoga studio'.  My dream finally came true 2.5 years later.


My goal is to be able to facilitate those who would like to practice yoga in a home environment and prefer a more personal attention and guidance from the teacher.


To build/foster the yoga community at the North end of Nanaimo, especially around the neighbourhood, making it easily accessible to people residing around this area.  


Teaching yoga is my passion, and certainly the happiest moments of my life are when I am able to connect and share my yoga knowledge and experience with students.'


Alice is an advanced practitioner and a very experienced teacher. Her space is lovely and she welcomes new students.

Yoga Bliss Studio

6582 Nathan Road,  Pleasant Valley, North Nanaimo
(Across Black Bear Pub)

Email :  Alice Phang at

  or call # 250 933 5096 for more info.


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Posted by Lee on
Normally yoga is done without shoes and ulalusy on a mat. However those with foot issues can still do yoga exercises. Check with your instructor. There may be a special class for people who need to wear shoos.
Posted by rmhsgc on
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Posted by yranhaawz on
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Posted by yvqxdxptdzi on
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Posted by ffqedphrb on
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Posted by Kayo on
I found myself nodding my noggin all the way thrguoh.
Posted by Lyudmila on
Unfortunately, I think there is frequenty the mocsonceptiin that many practices from the far east are religion based. I can remember attending a conservative christian church many years ago that would not allow a karate class to use the gym because they felt it was in conflict with the church's theology. Yoga can be very spiritual, but not in a religious worshipful way. It is more in the same way one may have a positive experience and feeling while sitting at the beach watching the waves roll in; sitting under a shady tree listening to the soft melody of wind chimes; enjoying the view from a mountain top; or being hushed by the majesty of the Grand Canyon. Any serene activity can promote spirituality not religious spiritualiy but the my-soul-feels-peaceful kind. I have practiced yoga for years. I find the simple act of letting go of my thoughts to enable me to listen carefully to the instructor and follow her lead into the next pose, is in itself restful. The body is gently challenged to stretch and flex while I focus on nothing more than it. I come out of my yoga practice feeling relaxed and calm, ready for the chaos to begin again. It is good for my spirit !
Posted by iauznaglnsj on
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