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Questions for Ariadne by Carol Matthews

Dec 04, 2010

Today Carol Matthews read from her latest book amongst the displays at the Nanaimo Museum. Her love of the word and the story was evident as she wove her own experiences into the philosophical questions behind classical myth. Much of Carol's latest book is concerned with aging and what it means. With humour and a searching mind Carol takes us on the path with her to the centre and part of the way back along the labyrinth.



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Posted by Cécile Daoust on
where can I purchase your new book?
Posted by Cécile Daoust on
where can I purchase your new book?
Posted by carol matthews on
Hi Cecile,
The books are available at the Nanaimo Museum Bookstore and at the VIU bookstore (when it opens up again). If you have difficulty finding it, email me at and I will send you a copy.
thanks for your interest.
Posted by normajanemiller on
Hi Carol! I was so happy to review your websites etc on the computer. I am still not too good at this technology and sort of plug away in my own way which is not too good. I wanted to print the ifo re you and Mike and include it with a couple of your books i have for a Windsor friend of mine to see.Some how about 30 pages came out and I must not print anything else until I learn how to operate my new printer. I would love a copy of your newest book. I will phone the Nanaimo Museum book store?
I would love to have a chat with you and especially know how you are etc. I continue to be so impressed with the wonderful things you do, the writings and readings etc
I have been in Windsor for 10 months. It has been quite an experience returning home, some of it good and some of it a little strange.
I do hope that you and Mike and your family are well and enjoying a pleasant summer,
My phone number is 1 519-915-5743 Mornings or evenings always good time.It would be wonderful to hear from you at a time you have a bit of time to talk. Love to you and Mike
Posted by Kierra on
Your article was excellent and erduite.
Posted by hpdkfir on
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