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Interested in seed saving?

Jul 28, 2011

Interested in seed saving? So are we!

Cowichan Green Community (CGC) is enthused to announce the launch of its’ latest food security project – the Seed Literacy Campaign.  

Backyard gardeners, community gardens, and farmers play a vital role in preserving and maintaining the genetic diversity of Canada’s seed heritage.  By actively growing-out locally adapted seeds, seed savers work to ensure the viability of future seed and food resources.  In an era of climatic uncertainty and growing food insecurity, seed activists are encouraging farmers and community members to exercise their right to save and share locally saved seeds.  


In recognition of this need, CGC aims to bring attention to the importance of seed saving to improving food security for Cowichan Valley residents.  Funded in whole or in part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement, the Seed Literacy Campaign hopes to achieve this goal through the production of educational materials on seed saving, the development of a Cowichan Valley Seed Savers Database, and by hosting workshops for the public on seed saving.


“Our intention,” says Vanessa Goodall, one of three Seed Literacy Coordinators, “is to inspire locals to learn, share and explore their capacity to save seeds.  In doing so, we will not only assist to conserve seed diversity in the Cowichan Valley, we will assist to conserve our knowledge surrounding seeds and their uses.”

Who will plant the seeds?

Currently our team is working to gauge the publics’ interest and expertise on seed saving.  In the coming weeks, we will be conducting a survey to determine how the public can best benefit from this project.  If interested, look out for the CGC booth at the Duncan farmers market and other locations around the region.  We would love to hear your opinions!

For further information, or if you would like to share with our team your experiences or stories of seed saving, please contact Heather
with the Cowichan Green Community at 250-748-8506.



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