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Going for a Wonder

Nov 07, 2010


Just arrived from a walk in the woods. My dog and I were driving by Morell Sanctuary off of Nanaimo Lakes Road and I had not taken a walk with him for a while. I am so glad that I stopped and breathed in the energy of trees, felt the squish of the leafy path beneath my shoes and noticed the tiers and drifts of the plethora of mushrooms blooming in the forest right now. I felt better every time I stepped into a patch of sunlight or passed through an area where the newly fallen maple leaves were still bright yellow. 


I have been obsessed with this new website and I have been spending too much time on this little laptop computer. Yesterday I had a headache and my eyes became heavy and felt like they were crossing. I guess I am supposed to learn first hand how other people feel when they have to spend their days working on a computer. I usually spend my working life helping people overcome pain or discomfort with massage or yoga. I have never spent so much time just forcing my body to sit and point and click my fingers and thumbs. Pure Torture!


Don’t tell me that you don’t have time to go for a walk in the woods. We live in the most beautiful place on the most incredible planet. Find some fresh air and breathe it.


Kim LeDuc


P.S. I was sent this video by a friend. It is worth a watch. Even my eleven year old get's it.



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