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Floating School

May 25, 2011

Dear Friends,
We hope all is well with you and yours. We are sending along these pictures of the floating school K.I.D.S. built this winter. The school was towed into Moat Kla village and took about 12 hours to get there. The water level of the lake is very low so you can see the children were able to stand on a small piece of land to welcome the school into their village, you will also see what a tight squeeze it was to get the school through parts of the village. The education committee rode the school into their village and then there was as a big celebration. Thanks to all of you for your great support on this project. The children and villagers will never forget your generosity and it is good to know that even the children in this remote area of Cambodia are able to get an education and attend a good sturdy school with brand new desks.
We will soon be sending out our newsletter.
With Appreciation,
Adrianne and Rick

Kids International Development Society



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Posted by Rithdeth on
Hello Anne, have been trying this for a few days now and maybe it's my imiagnitaon but i'm worried my eye bag got slightly worse because of the pressure placed when I stick my fingers under the eye (maybe I am pulling the skin too much) is this possible?
Posted by yznokovvqjj on
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