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Enlighten Up - Film review

Feb 11, 2014

Nick Rosen is chosen and agrees to delve into the world of Yoga as the subject of a documentary by Kate Churchill. Nick is a novice and he tries the various yogic styles and traditions with a natural skepticism and a reserved willingness for some aspects of yoga which are presented to him. Though he is not particularly open he puts effort into understanding what the various teachers have to impart. He is curious enough to question and try new experiences. He seems to have insights and experiences which make it clear to him where he wants to go next.


Our subject attends asana classes with Cyndi Lee in New York, U.S.A. and a class and an interview with an 86 year old B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune, India. From Jivamukti Yoga to Bakhti Yoga to Laughter Yoga the seeker in Nick is sometimes repulsed and sometimes intrigued with the various ways that humans interpret yoga. Some of the most famous teachers are only interested in the physical form of yoga and others see no value in attending to the physical but would rather focus on contemplation of god or the spiritual.  


As the film concludes the only answers that we are left with seem to be that Yoga is a multidimensional path which appeals to some. Yoga is as diverse as the people who choose to follow it. 


Click on the image above to watch Enlighten Up



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