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Diane Bruni's innovative yoga workshop

Sep 28, 2011

Diane was trying to offer a new look at the very old tradition of Yoga. She asked us to question things about the way in wich we teach and to investigate our teachings. She offered her current learnings from her own experiences some of which were painfully dramatic. One person who attended some of the workshop found her humility very refreshing. 


We moved across the beautiful hardwood floor in very new ways paying particular attention to the minute spinal articulations. I sometimes felt like a zombie and then a dinosaur and then a snake like slithering caused me to move using muscles that I had not previously accessed. Much of this new way of moving comes from dance and physical training modalities but Diane is applying these new movement paterns to her yoga practice because she believes that we are not served by only moving in one plane at a time. Most yoga asana is oriented front to back and out to one side. Most of what we do in our regular lives is a combination of sidebending, twisting, forward or back bending and not just an isolation of one of these movements. 

One of the highlights for me in this workshop was to realise that my teaching needs to become more natural. So, rather than imposing an alignment ideal, such as, always having the feet parallel which might work for a few bodies, I am now exploring stances which have more turn out. I have to admit that chair pose is easier, more comfortable and more appropriate for the build of my body. I also appreciate the intrinsic muscles of my feet and hands after the squats and wrist strengtheners that Diane shared with us. 

I am very impressed with the courage and growing maturity of my teachers such as Diane and Michael Stone who are discovering new information from their own practices. Curiosity keeps yoga evolving.

Message to self: stay curious!


The mantra Om ma ni padme hung is used by those in the buddhist tradition, as well as, others to extend and invoke compassion. I have repeated this mantra when my mind, body and spirit is obsessed with thoughts and emotions that I wish to change and I have found clarity.




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