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Happy World Water Day Everyone!
We are pleased to let you know that we have just completed two more school water projects north of Siem Reap. As always we have chosen to place the water projects at schools, so children have direct access to healthy clean water after travelling on foot or bikes long distances to get to school.
For the two new water projects this year we have implemented new filtration systems previously unavailable in Cambodia. The new systems produce quality water which is equal to the best bottled water available. We have also upgraded three of our other older school systems to a higher standard.
Over the years we have seen the difference in children when they have access to safe drinking water. Quiet playgrounds with thirsty children become filled with laughter and play when water is freely available and there are fewer children absent from school due to illness from water related issues. 
Thank You to all of KIDS Donors and the Compassionate Eye Foundation for your amazing generosity. 
KIDS now has 14 water projects up and running, directly serving over 9,400 students and several hundred teachers daily. In addition the students can take water home in containers to their families giving several thousand more children and parents access to safe drinking water.

Today in honor of World Water Day, we would like to acknowledge everyone for their support and in addition we want to thank Sun Sang Hak who can build anything we ask for and Yoeun Thol (Kim) our terrific partner, translator and logistician. 


The World Health Organization states that there are around 663 million people in the world that do not have access to safe drinking water, an unbelievable number... but today there are a few less.

Till next time 
Rick and Adrianne
 Kids International Development Society               


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